Monday, July 23, 2012

Tanmayalaadenu (Kannada) Lyrics

Movie: Paramaathma (2011)
Music: V Harikrishna
Lyrics: Jayanth Kaykini
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Tanmayalaadenu Tiliyuva Munnave..
Kanmareyaagale Helu Mareyuva Munnave..
Ninnalle Jeevavannu Adavittu Bande Naanu..
Kanmuchchiye Naanodale Putavondanu.. Hariyuva Munnave..

I Just Lost Myself, Before I Could Notice Myself..
Or Shall I Disappear Myself, Before You Could Forget Me?
I Just Kept My Life For The Love In You,and I Came Back
Shall I Just read a Page, With My Eyes Closed, Before is Torn Off From The Book?

Tanmayalaadenu Tiliyuva Munnave..
Kanmareyaagale Helu Mareyuva Munnave..

Tappu Thiliya Beda Neenu Kanasinalli Kandare..
Bere Eno Heluvaaga Kannu Thumbi Bandare..
Ee Manasige Bhaasavu..
Ille Neenu Nanna Koogidanthe..
Sanna Sallaapavannu Ontiyaagi Nadesutta Naa Ninthe..
Manasalle Andha Maathu.. Tadavaagi Kelithenu..
Gotthillade Naa Geechale Hesarondanu.. Alisuva Munnave..

Dont Mistake Me, If I Come In Your Dream, Or, You Get Your Eyes Wet, When Speaking Something Else.
Is it a Mirage For Me, That You've Called My Name, Right Here?
Or Do You Want Me To DateWith Myself?
Or Did You Heard it Late, What I Spoke In my Heart?
Shall I Scribble a Name Without My Knowledge, Before it Is Rubbed Off?

Tanmayalaadenu Tiliyuva Munnave..
Kanmareyaagale Helu Mareyuva Munnave..

Aaa.. Naa Naa Na Na..
Naa Naa Na Naa Naa..

Prathi Sala Baagila Saddige Edeyali Spandana..
Teredare Beesuva Gaaliyu Helidhe Saantvana..
Nanna Virahavu.. Ninninda Innu Chanda..
Vivarisalaare Ella Naa Dooradinda..
Nenapanno Raashi Haaki.. Enisutta Kooralenu..
Kannadiyali Naa Hudukale Naguvondanu.. Orisuva Munnave..

Everytime I Hear the Sound Of the Door, I Get a New Life Within Myself, Hoping That Its You.
But, What if I Open The Door, And Even the Zephyr(4:See Context Below) Has Solaced Me ?
My Separation With You, Has Been Made Even More Sweet By Your Absence
But I am Unable to explain anything, In Your Absence

Shall I Heap up My Memories, and Start Counting Them?
Or Shall I Search For A Smile In The Mirror, Before The Dirt On It Gets Wiped Off?

Tanmayalaadenu Tiliyuva Munnave..
Kanmareyaagale Helu Mareyuva Munnave..


  1. Thanks 4 d english translation of tanmayalaadenu
    it s very helpful 4 those who dont know kannada

    Please post the English translation of
    Paravashanadenu song 4rm paramathma &
    Chendutiya Pakkadali 4rm drama
    as i like these song very much
    i cant understand kannada very well
    so i want to know the meaning
    thanks n regards

  2. fav Kannada song - although I am from Bengal and know very little of the language - the song is as sweet as the language :)

  3. Please post the english translation of the song Neee Bari Neene sung by Sonu Nigam Ji...please please please

  4. Will you please translate kannada song "nanna mannidu kannada mannu" from movie "veer parampare" into english. Waiting in anticipation.