Thursday, January 14, 2016

ello maLeyaagide : Lyrics and English Translation

Movie : ManasaareLyrics : Jayanth Kaykini
Music : Manomurthy
Singer : Sonu Nigam

ello maLeyaagide endu tangaaLiyu hELutide
ille olavaagide endu kanasondu beeLutide
vyaamOhava kevala maatinali
hELalu barabahude
ninna nODida mELeyu preetiyali
beeLade irabahude
ello maLeyaagide endu tangaaLiyu hELutide
somewhere, it is raining - says the cool breeze to me
right here, new love has blossomed - says the dream which grows on me
It's a stupid to think - in words
 it can be explained
After seeing you once, is it possible that
I can't fall in love
somewhere, it must be raining - says the cool breeze to me

kaNNali mooDide hanigavana
kaayisi nee kaaDidare
nootana bhaavada aagamana
nee biDade nODidare
ninna gaanadi ninnade tOLinali
heegeye irabahude
ee dhyaanava kanDare dEvarigU
kOpavu barabahude
In the eyes, has surfaced a small poem
If you make me wait, and torture me
fresh and new feelings have just made its way
if you look at me, without a break
Into your song, always in your arms
Can it be like this forever
This dedication for you, if God happens to see
Maybe would annoy him too

nenapina hoogaLa beesaNige
nee baruva daariyali
ODide doorake besarike
neeniruva oorinali
anumaanave illade kanasinalli
mellage barabahude
alemaariya hrudayada dEreyali
neenu irabahude
fragrant memories fan me today
In the path that you would come
All my depression has run far away
In the city where you are
without a doubt, today in your dreams
slowly can I walk by
In the tent of a nomad's small little heart
could you be living all along

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  1. Please translate the song "nanna mannidu kannada mannu" into english. This song is from movie "veer parampare". waiting eagerly.