Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vaseegaraa en nenjinikka - Lyrics Translation

Vaseegaraa en nenjinikka un pon madiyil thoonginaal poadhum
Adhae kaNam en kaNNuRanga mun jenmangaLin aekkangaL theerum
Naan naesippadhum suvaasippadhum un dhayavaal thaanae
AengugiRaen aengugiRaen un ninaivaal naanae naan

Magical charmer, until my heart is sweet, if I can sleep on your lap, it would be enough for me
At the same time, my intoxicator, the longings of my previous lives will be quenched.
I love and breathe because of your kindness
I yearn and long just thinking of you.

Adai mazhai varum adhil nanaivoamae
KuLir kaaychchaloadhu snegam
Oru poarvaikkuL iru thookkam

Heavy rain will fall, we will get wet in it
We will get cold fever with our closeness
Within one blanket, two (people) sleep(‘s’)

KuLu kuLu poygaL solli enai velvaay
Adhu therindhum kooda anbae
Manam adhaiyaedhaan edhirpaarkkum

With cool lies you will win me over
And though I know so, dear,
My heart expects just that

Engaeyum poagaamal dhinam veettilaeyae nee vaendum
Sila samayam viLaiyaattaay un aadaikkuL naan vaendum

Without going out anywhere, I want you at home on all days
And sometimes, for fun, I will wear your clothes


Dhinam nee kuLiththadhum enaith thaedi
En saelai nuniyaal undhan thalai thudaippaayae adhu kavidhai

Everyday, after you shower, you look for me
With my sari’s corners you dry your hair, that’s a poem

Thirudan poal padhungiyae dhideer enru
Pinnaalirundhu enai nee aNaippaayae adhu kavidhai

Like a theif, you hide and suddenly
From behind you embrace me, that’s a poem

Yaaraenum maNi kaettaal adhai sollak koodath theriyaadhae
Kaadhalenum mudivinile gadigaara naeram kidaiyaadhae

If anyone asks me what time it is, I would not be able to say
In love, ultimately, clock-time doesn’t exist

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